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All In The Soul - CD


All In The Soul

UB-1201 Undercover Brother Entertainment

Although Quinn Harris studied at the prestigious Berklee School Of Music in Boston, and arranged and conducted string sections for Tavares (“Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel” and “More Than A Woman”), his best music couldn’t be confined to strict categories of disco, soul, rock or funk. It combined them all. All In The Soul is Harris’ masterpiece. A unique twist on California soul, it’s elevated by sophisticated arrangements and grounded by the rough and rugged playing of the Masterminds, a racially mixed group from San Francisco headed by Bianca Thornton on lead vocals. Thornton, who went on to sing with both Zappa and Sly Stone, wrote two of the strongest cuts on All In The Soul, the driving, Family Stone-esque “We Got To Get Together” and the exquisite sweet soul of “Stop Telling Me Lies.” “Freedom Flight” and the title track show off a jazz-funk side of the group, while “This Summer” is laid-back west coast soul at its finest. This fully authorized repressing of the extremely scarce original pressing on Reynolds Records includes the full-length versions of all tunes as well as the 7-inch versions of “Stop! Telling Me Lies” and “We Got To Get Together.” An article on Quinn Harris and All In The Soul in the most recent (Jan. 2008) Wax Poetics Magazine has wet the appetites of soul and funk aficionados around the world, and now, with this deluxe reissue from Undercover Brother, they can hear what they’ve been missing.