Image of Zodiac / Monster - 7" Vinyl
  • Image of Zodiac / Monster - 7" Vinyl

Zodiac / Monster - 7" Vinyl

by The Du-Rites


Artist: The Du-Rites (J-Zone + Pablo Martin)
Title: “Zodiac” b/w “Monster”
Label: Old Maid Entertainment/Ilegalia Records
Cat No.: DUR-005

After busting heads, winterizing Cadillacs and fighting crime with TV Detective Gamma Ray Jones last year, NYC’s own The Du-Rites get out of film score mode and return with a pair of one-word-titled funk nuggets to keep things grooving.

The self-explanatory “Zodiac” is a nod to the ubiquitous (and at times ridiculous) odes to astrology throughout funk history. The Du-Rites add their tongue-in-cheek take on horoscopes, with J-Zone narrating with his trademark wit and holding down both drums and organ. Pablo’s greasy guitars and overdriven bass add even more bacon fat to the mix. Nobody’s safe - see where YOUR zodiac sign is flawed in Du-Rites land.

A Du-Rites B-Side usually employs a quirky vocal-experimentation-without-a-proper-lead-vocalist approach - “Monster” continues the theme. Funky flirtation and jive talk from Du-Rites affiliate, Broughamin’ Fred, is the seasoning that drives the flip side, though our guest “vocalist” is actually more interested in his vehicle than wooing beautiful ladies. J-Zone’s pulsating, tom tom-driven, almost go-go like rhythm lays the foundation for a twisted Moog Synth vs. Hammond organ dialogue and Pablo’s freaky, effects-driven guitar.

With three albums, a handful of 7” singles, a film score (Bobbito Garcia’s Rock Rubber 45s) and playing alongside everyone from Eddie Palmieri, to Robert Glasper, to Ghostface Killah, The Du-Rites are discovering a trademark funk sound that isn’t 60s retro, 70s retro or any other hashtag or funk cliche. It’s just The Du-Rites…and this go round it’s both astrologically and monstrously funky.