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The Soundtrack To The Innermost Galaxy - CD

by 24-7 Spyz

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"The Soundtrack To The Innermost Galaxy" is the eighth studio album by the legendary "Heavy Metal Soul" band, 24-7 Spyz. Founding members Jimi Hazel (producer/guitars/vocals) & Rick Skatore (bass/vocals) have joined forces with new members Ronny "Head" Draytone (guitar/vocals), Philip "Fish" Fisher (drums/vocals) and Tony "T-Money" Lewis (drums/vocals) (and a host of special guests!) to create a masterpiece of an album filled with grooves, riffs, melodies and songs that will overwhelm and flood your senses in the way that only 24-7 Spyz can do!

But first, here's the history lesson for those of you that don't know...............

In 1989, a band emerged out of the South Bronx bringing a new sound that combined elements of Rock, Funk, Jazz, Soul, Reggae and Rap. This sonic gumbo would be described by Jimi Hazel as "Heavy Metal Soul" or "HMS" for short and it would become the foundation many a band would attempt to stand upon and imitate, but they couldn't duplicate the magic of what the Spyz did naturally! In the midst of creating music that was true to themselves, 24-7 Spyz also helped to shatter the stereotypes and dispel the myth that "Black Bands Don't Rock" by releasing eight groundbreaking discs : "Harder Than You" (1989), "Gumbo Millennium" (1990), "This is 24-7 SPYZ!!!!" (1991), "Strength In Numbers" (1992), "Temporarily Disconnected" (1994), "6" (1995-European Release /"Heavy Metal Soul By The Pound" (1996-U.S. Release), "Can You Hear The Sound?" (2006) and "Face The Day" (2006).

And then, there was silence. Until NOW, that is!!!!!!!!

"The Soundtrack To The Innermost Galaxy" finds the band both at the top of their songwriting game and their musical super powers, like a fine wine ready to be sampled by those with unique tastes and an exquisite palette! Ronny "Head" Draytone, Philip "Fish" Fisher and Tony "T-Money" Lewis bring so much energy, fire and joy to the band, they raise the bar that Jimi & Rick thought was already at the ceiling! Each one of them is a master musician in their own right but the combination of them all truly makes the statement "School's In Session" a reality! And for the first time, the band invited a host of special musical guests to join them in blessing the tracks! The making of the album was truly a cathartic one for the band and the love that flowed throughout the recording sessions for the music and the people involved can not only be heard when listening to the album, it can be felt as well. In a time where so many artists (?!?!?!?!?) are making disposable music (?!?!?!?!?) with nothing to offer, we're continuing the tradition of making music that is not only true, it comes straight from the heart and soul, says Jimi Hazel. Everything we do means something and nothing is done gratuitously. We don't waste notes or opportunities when creating beautiful and meaningful music!

The Soundtrack To The Innermost Galaxy was produced by Jimi Hazel & Roman Klun, mixed by Terry Date & Jimi Hazel.

Welcome to what we consider one of the best albums of 2019! And if it wasn't our album, we'd still feel that way! GET SOME!


Released May 6th, 2019

"The Soundtrack To The Innermost Galaxy"

Produced by Jimi "King Sepia XL" Hazel for *Genius Manchild* Productions.

Co produced and engineered by Roman "Scissor Hands" Klun.

The Grease, Gravy & Grits Man: Victor "The Undercover Brother" Piagneri.

Mixed by Terry "Sir Chef Kitchen King" Date & Jimi "King Sepia XL" Hazel at Trainwreck Audio.

Mastered by Howie Weinberg at Howie Weinberg Mastering.

*Co produced by Luqman "E-Chudda" Brown.

Artwork and painting by Chuck "Kool Koor" Hargrove.

Photos: Jammi Sloane York.

©℗2018 Fraternity Music Group / Gumbo Recording Company